Seattle Approves started with the question, “How can we make Seattle’s elections as representative as possible?”

The answer is a tiny change called Approval Voting: let voters support as many candidates as they want, like this example ballot.

With this tiny change, we will:

  • Eliminate Seattle’s endemic vote-splitting problem. Similar candidates will no longer “split the vote” and both lose.
  • Match the preferences of voters better than any other system in the United States.
  • Turn every election into an honest measurement of how many voters support each candidate. If you’ve ever thought, “I’d like to vote for that candidate, but I’d be throwing away my vote,” you’ve experienced how our current system doesn’t honestly measure voter support.
  • Ensure that ballots are simple and accessible to everyone, including under-represented groups like non-native English speakers and voters who are short on time.
  • Make politics less divisive. Campaigns won’t fight each other over voters — they’ll fight for a wider base of support.

Approval voting is used in St. Louis and Fargo. In St. Louis, it was adopted in 2020 with 68% support and endorsements from The League of Women Voters, the city’s largest newspaper, SEIU, The Organization for Black Struggle, and many elected officials of all viewpoints.

We’re going to make this happen in 2022 and we need your help.

Let's make this happen

To make Approval Voting a reality in Seattle, we are putting an initiative on the ballot in November 2022 (read more). To do that, we’ll need to collect signatures from about 26,000 voters between January and June 2022.

There are lots of ways to help:

  • Sign up for updates below
  • Tell your friends, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers that we can have better elections with this tiny change 
  • Volunteer (just send us a quick note and we’ll get back to you)
  • Sign the initiative when we start collecting signatures (date TBD)

let's bring better elections
to seattle.

Approval Voting would mean you give a thumbs up to each candidate you support:

Example of our current ballot vs an Approval Voting ballot

As always, the candidate with the most votes wins. It’s that simple.

watch how approval voting
improves elections

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