Prop. 1A for better elections

Vote YES on Prop. 1A (I-134)

Prop. 1a makes elections better

Prop. 1A lets you support as many candidates as you want, not just one.

Prop. 1A ensures the candidates supported by the most voters win.

Prop. 1A eliminates vote splitting. Popular, qualifies candidates won’t divide like-minded votes.

Prop. 1A lets you vote for the candidates who best represent you – not only those with the best chance to win.

Prop. 1A is simple and free.

Sample ballot after adopting Prop. 1A. City of Seattle Mayor. Nonpartisan office, vote for all you approve of. 15 names plus a write-in option are shown.

Let's make this happen

This November, we’ll make Seattle’s elections the best in the country.

Paid for by Seattle Approves, PO Box 23026, Seattle, WA 98102

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